Accelerating Organizations

Getting your organization on track to outperform the rest

What an accelerating organization means for your business

Accelerating organizations outperform their competitors. Collectively, they outperform the market by a factor of 2 in the medium term. If your organization is underperforming or performing below its true potential, identifying the areas in which it struggles most can help get you back on the track to growth.

The Heidrick & Struggles Organization Accelerator Questionnaire (OAQ) allows you to determine where your organization stands on the path to acceleration, highlighting the gaps between performance and potential in 13 drive factors, pinpointing where it stands on a spectrum from derailing to accelerating.

The outcome of the assessment points to a series of initiatives to help transform the organization, landing it on the path to acceleration and peak performance. These initiatives can include redesigning the organization, its signature processes, and the way it manages talent. Heidrick & Struggles' Leadership Consulting Practice can help you sequence and make sense of this portfolio of initiatives to drive the transformation of your organization efficiently and effectively.

This brief interactive self-assessment provides a snapshot of your company's ability to accelerate the performance of your organization—as well as your strategy, leaders, and teams. Click here to begin your assessment.

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Accelerating performance in investment management

By Chad Astmann, Lisa B. Baird, Graham Beatty, Marcus De Luca, Jonathan Goldstein, Todd Taylor, Deepali Vyas 31 Jul 2017 - Publication

New research highlights four ways that investment managers can speed up their organizational metabolism to become more competitive.

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By Todd R. Monti, Colin Price, Sharon Toye 25 Jul 2017 - Publication

Private equity professionals looking to maximize returns are outmaneuvering competitors by reducing time to value in their portfolios at each stage of the investment cycle. Bain Capital’s experience demonstrates how fund managers can accelerate the performance of their portfolio companies.

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Organization Acceleration Questionnaire

The Organization Acceleration Questionnaire (OAQ) is completed online in less than 20 minutes by a subset of the company's staff.  It identifies the organization's current level of performance based on factors that rigorous empirical research has shown determine long-term success. The OAQ can be used to:

Assess an organization and provide accurate input to the leaders to help further develop organizational performance

Understand how the organization stacks up against competitors and map the actions required to outperform the competition

Engage everyone in the organization in an acceleration journey that will improve the organization's performance

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Scott Jacobs

Meet Our Leadership

Scott Jacobs Partner

Scott Jacobs is a partner in Heidrick & Struggles’ London office and a member of the Leadership Consulting Practice.  Prior to joining the Leadership Consulting Practice, he led the Technology and Services Practice in Europe and Africa.

Scott works at individual and organizational levels to drive transformational performance for corporate and private equity clients.  With his background in technology, he often works with clients driving digital transformation.

Additionally, Scott is a member of the EMEA CEO & Board Practice. In this capacity, he has been involved in a number of board assessments, as well as placing chairmen and non-executives on both public and private boards.

Scott joined the firm as an executive search consultant in the Technology and Services Practice. He focused on leading senior-level searches for clients across a number of sectors, including telecommunications, software, hardware, IT services and consulting. Scott conducted search assignments for executives in a broad range of functions across the C-suite.   

Prior to joining Heidrick and Struggles, he was the managing director of the UK office and head of the Northern European TMT practice of DiamondCluster (now part of Mercer), a global management consulting firm. This was the culmination of a 17-year consulting career starting at Accenture, the MAC Group, and Gemini Consulting.  During his consulting career, Scott worked around the globe for a range of board-level industrial and technology clients. His teams addressed a variety of projects, from multi-million dollar restructuring projects at large organizations to new-business launches for technology start-ups.

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