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How CIOs Are Leveraging Silicon Valley to Bring Innovation to Their Companies

12/10/2014 Ryan Bulkoski
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How CIOs Are Leveraging Silicon Valley to Bring Innovation to Their Companies 

CIOs can no longer simply make an annual trek to Silicon Valley and expect to remain ahead of the technology innovation curve. Today, companies from across industries are opening offices in the tech valley and moving key roles there in the hopes of harnessing innovation, establishing brand recognition and attracting premiere technology talent.

In the past, CIOs would visit Silicon Valley technology vendors, start-ups, research labs and investors to learn about the next releases and prototypes. Sometimes CIOs would partner with technology companies, share resources and enter into joint development agreements in order to gain an early advantage. CIOs have also been invited to join tech start-up Boards and Advisory Boards. For example Apptio, the leading provider of Technology Business Management (TBM) SaaS applications, has CIOs and other IT leaders from Bank of America, Cisco, First America Title Insurance and Goldman Sachs on their Advisory Board. Apptio gains a better understanding of customer requirements and the CIOs can influence product during development to ensure the user experience is a priority.

Other companies would try to bring the Silicon culture home by making offers to local engineers and scientists. But relocating executives in the prime of their careers has become increasingly difficult everywhere, and nearly impossible in Silicon Valley. So for many CIOs, their new motto is “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”. That means opening their own technology centers in the heart of Silicon Valley and adding local leadership and talent. 

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