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Think differently, perform better: Leading boards in an unpredictable world

6/16/2015 Will Moynahan
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How can boards bring the power of diversity of thinking to the critical business decisions they are required to make?

  • First, assess the current level of thinking diversity in the board against strategic business goals. Is there a gap? Diversity, of all types, must be rooted in the attainment of business goals. The needs of the business drive diversity, not the other way around.
  • Create an environment for the board that actively seeks alternative perspectives and views and tolerates dissenting critique. The chairman plays a critical role here — setting the tone, role-modeling the behaviors, seeking alternative views, creating and challenging the prevailing logic, and encouraging open dialogue.
  • When appointing non-executive directors (NEDs) don’t just look at technical experience or skill sets, as this will, in all likelihood, merely perpetuate the dominance of analytical thinking.
  • Instead, focus on their decision-making processes in difficult complex situations. What thinking styles have they applied? How will these thinking styles complement or contrast with other board members?

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